Missing FIFA 19 already?

Don’t worry, the Gfinity FIFA Series February kicks of on the 2nd!

In our second FIFA 19 Global Series Qualifier, 32 of the top PS4 & Xbox players in the world will face-off on the main stage of the Gfinity Arena to see who is the best of the best and win the all-important Pro Points which go towards qualification for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019.

Key players competing include the recent FIFA January Series Champion FCB Nicolas99 and back to back FUTCup winner F2Tekkz.

The Format

The Group Stage will consist of 16 players from both platforms, competing in a traditional Swiss format. In the Swiss format, competitors are matched-up to play opponents with an similar record. Following the Group Stage, the top 8 players from both formats advance to the single-elimination Playoffs.

The conclusion of both Playoffs will see the winner from each bracket advance to the Cross-Platform Grand Final. The Grand Final will consist of a single two-legged match. One leg of will be played on PlayStation 4, and the other on Xbox One.

Qualified Players


F2Tekkz Megabit
blackarrow889 MaXe vip
Fabio Denuzzo Painter
HazardHeath PSG Daxe
I5I Zidane10 Sakul
Janoz SPQR Senna
Lyricz vs Luck The x Demon10
Marcus Gomes X Phenomeno X



FCB Nicolas99fc NYC_Chris
ABO_Hwas PSV Stefano Pinna
ADA Daniel Aguillar Roma Zimme
Arti Vfb DrErhano
FTUWIZ Marko Web
IBrunoRatol Zezinho23_BRA
ItzJuli99 Agit Power
MrD0ne LostInTheWavesz


All the action will take place February 2nd-3rd, and you can watch it live online on your channel of choice; either YouTube or Twitch. Or if you prefer to see your FIFA heros up close in person, you can grab a FREE ticket and join us at the Gfinity Arena London!