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How It Works

This time, it’s personal. No challenge is too great.

Gfinity Challenger Series

Participate Online

Connect and play against players from all over with Gfinity’s coordinated online tournaments. Register for free, sign-up for a tournament of your choosing and begin playing.

Gfinity Challenger Series

Earn Cash Rewards

Pick up cash prizes for your esports successes, be it ranking 1st or 2nd place in your game of choice. No matter what series you participate in, you can pocket coin.

Gfinity Challenger Series

For Fun or Fame

Whether you’re a seasoned esports veteran or rookie, you can participate in the Gfinity Summer Series. Set your sights on esports stardom or play for fun while gaining cash, G-Points and expertise.

The Games

Compete in FIFA 18, Rocket League and Street Fighter V tournaments to earn G-Points and climb the leaderboards.

From El Tornado to park the bus or high press; find out if you can compete with the best by putting your FIFA Ultimate Team onto the pitch for the chance to join a pro team. Sign-up now to play FIFA 18 in the Gfinity Challenger Series.

You've mastered the Hadoken, nailed the Spinning Bird Kick, and now you have the chance to be drafted by a Pro Street Fighter V team. Sign up now to play Street Fighter V on the Gfinity Challenger Series.

You might be the passing genius, the king of offense or an impassable wall on defence, but can you hold your own against some of the best in the world? Sign up to play Rocket League on the Gfinity Challenger Series to prove you’re worthy.