Gfinity Challenger Series

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The Gfinity Challenger Series commences on the 27th March 2017

The Games

Compete in CS:GO & Street Fighter V tournaments to earn G-Points and climb the leaderboards.

You've mastered the Hadoken, nailed the Hundred Hand Slap, and now you have the chance to be drafted by a Pro Street Fighter V team. Sign up now to play Street Fighter V on the Gfinity Challenger Series.

Whether it's Overpass, Mirage or Piranesi, you know all the maps like the back of your hand. But could you make it into a Pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team? Sign up to play CS:GO on the Gfinity Challenger Series to find out.

How It Works

Do you have the skills to make it to the Elite Series and become an eSport pro?

Gfinity Challenger Series

Get yourself seen

The Gfinity Challenger Series is an open competitive gaming series. eSports Players of any level from around the world can enter, building your profile, climbing the rankings and, if you're good enough, making your way to the Gfinity Elite Series to become a pro gamer.

Gfinity Challenger Series

Prove your skills

Prior to each season, the top-ranked competitors from the Challenger Series will qualify for the Gfinity Elite Draft. Here, professional teams will draft the best players to join them as pro gamers in the Gfinity Elite Series, held in London’s Gfinity Arena.

Gfinity Challenger Series

Become a champion

The Elite Series will feature some of the best competitive gaming eSports has to offer. The top players selected in the Elite Draft for each game will join eight established Pro teams to participate in our dynamic new professional competition.

Earn G-Points during the Challenger Series to climb the leaderboard and secure your spot in the Elite Draft.

Gfinity Challenger Series

Stop Dreaming. Start Playing.

The Challenger Series offers gamers of all levels and aspiration the opportunity to participate. Play for fun and rank yourself against other gamers. Or, start your progression to a career in eSports. It’s up to you.

It’s simple: the more you win, the more G-Points you earn, the higher you climb in the rankings. This is an opportunity for Elite Series Pro Teams to identify upcoming gaming talent, so start playing and get yourself noticed.

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It's time to earn those G-Points and top the leaderboards.

To: The El1te

Congratulations! You’ve qualified for the Gfinity Elite Draft, you’re one step away from competing in our London Arena.

If you make the cut, you’re eligible for selection. If you're selected, you’re in the Elite Series.

Gfinity Elite Draft

Can You Make the Cut?

It’s your time. If you’ve got the skills to ‘make the cut’ of the top players for each game, you’ll become eligible for the Elite Draft. This draft happens prior to the start of each Elite Series season and is your opportunity to be drafted by a pro team to play at London’s Gfinity Arena.

The top 30 ranked players across each game will be eligible for two coveted places in each of the eight Pro franchise teams taking part in the Gfinity Elite Series.

Gfinity Elite Series

Creating Champions.

Welcome to the Gfinity Elite Series, a dynamic new professional competition featuring some of the world’s most exciting eSports titles and competitive gaming talent. The Elite Series will provide the UK eSports community with an international competition to get behind for the first time from grass roots all the way to pro-level, promising to offer exciting new opportunities to watch or play with some of the best gamers in the world.

The Gfinity Elite Series will see eight Pro teams compete weekly over a ten week season to become Elite Series Champions. The competition will take place live every weekend in Britain’s only dedicated eSports arena and the home of UK eSports, the Gfinity Arena in London.

Stop Dreaming. Start Playing

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Now it gets serious. It’s time to prove yourself.